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Q: Why is EverSleep different than other sleep trackers? 

A: Wearable trackers like the FitBit, Apple Watch, etc., can only measure your movement while you sleep - they rate your sleep by how much you move. Eversleep measures your blood oxygen level, pulse rate, AND movement to help you determine WHY you are sleeping badly.

Q: What do we get when we order EverSleep?

A: In the package you get the EverSleep wrist device with attached finger sensor and a comfortable silicone strap, a USB charging cord, a small roll of medical tape (if the sensor needs a little help staying on over night) and the free app.

Q: How do I know if I need Eversleep?

A: Snore? "Light" Sleeper? Trouble falling or staying asleep? Tired during the day? Does your spouse say you seem to stop breathing during the night?Have sleep apnea? Have a CPAP machine and want to monitor your oxygen levels over time? Are you losing weight and want to measure sleep improvements?  

If you answered YES to any of the above, Eversleep is for you. Eversleep can do all of this in the palm of your hand because it is the only sleep tracker to measure your oxygen levels continuously during the night.

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