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How secure is EverSleep?

BTLE is a very secure protocol with embedded encryption. Also, the data sent between the device and your phone is obfuscated such that nobody could read or understand the information.

Are there any risks associated with use?

No more risk that wearing a wrist watch at night with a small bandage on your finger.

What about the radio frequency emissions?

EverSleep uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. To compare, remember that EverSleep broadcasts only about 20 feet while your cell phone can broadcast for 20 miles! EverSleep doesn't broadcast continuously, so an eight hour night is equivalent to one-half of a second of a cell phone call.

Can someone watch or listen to me?

No, our device does not use the video camera. The application uses the microphone on your mobile device to measure snoring, but no sounds are "recorded" (for instance in a playable "sound file"). We only measure whether or not you are snoring.

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