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Having trouble connecting or is your recording ending after only a few hours?

Follow this troubleshooting guide:

EverSleep units are 100% tested in our Colorado factory, including the bluetooth connection.

If your EverSleep worked for a few nights, it probably is not a problem with the EverSleep device itself.  Sometimes the phone the operating system makes "decisions" that we don't control.

Here are some things to try:

1.  Turn Bluetooth Off and On again.

Not via "Airplane Mode", but rather from the actual Settings > Bluetooth screen.   Also, be sure that “Airplane Mode” is turned OFF


2.  Did you ever try to "pair" with EverSleep?  

You don't need to "pair", because EverSleep automatically connects to the app.   If you try to "Pair" with the phone then it can cause bluetooth connection issues. If you HAVE tried to pair, please look for "ESleep" or "RigDFU" in your list of Bluetooth devices, (shown on your Bluetooth settings screen) and delete that entry.

3. Try to power the phone completely off and on again.

This helps many problems related to the Operating System - it will clear out much unused memory, and that often helps.

4. Hard device reset for EverSleep connection issues

This resets the entire unit. First, plug the device in for about 10 seconds then unplug. You should see a green flashing light. Now, just let it sit for about 2 hours until the lights stop. Plug in to charger and try again. 

5. As a last resort, you can delete and re-install the app.

This will delete your EverSleep data, so be sure to export all of your data first!

If you are still experiencing connection issues or have additional questions please contact us directly for technical support at

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