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ADHD or Sleep Apnea?

ADHD or Sleep Apnea?

A link between ADHD and sleep quality has physicians and pediatricians talking to more patients about potential sleep disorders, including sleep apnea.

According to a 2011 Duke University Study:

  • Attentional deficits have been reported in up to 95% of Oobstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients

  • In full syndromal ADHD, a high incidence (20% to 30%) of OSA has been shown

  • All 6 interventional studies reported improvements in behavior, inattention, and overall ADHD after treatment of OSA

Unfortunately, due to the high correlation as well as the overlapping symptoms a new wave of questions are starting to arise about the possibility of misdiagnosis, specifically sleep disorders being diagnosed as a behavioral ADHD.

David Anderson, senior director of the ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute is quoted on the matter:

"It is the case that not getting enough sleep (even if your child doesn’t qualify for a sleep disorder) can cause or worsen ADHD symptoms. Hence solving sleep issues can help reduce symptoms."

But for many, especially those who continue to struggle as adults - a sleep screening for potential sleep apnea is an important step to fully understand and address sleep interruptions.

In the personal account "AHDH, Sleep, and Me: It's Complicated" Dr Roberto Olivardia, a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School who specializes in treating ADHD, unfolds his experience learning that he has Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

"Getting to the bottom of sleep problems will, at the very least, help you better manage ADHD symptoms. If you’re anything like me — who lived with undiagnosed sleep apnea until adulthood — it may save your life."

He goes on to explain how due to a severely deviated septum he now uses CPAP as a "lifesaving medication" for behavioral symptoms of his obstructive sleep apnea.

But Dr. Olivardia was lucky to be working close enough with his sleep specialist to see and really understand the gravity of his sleep data! New technology available in EverSleep now makes it possible for you to test your sleep at home and get instant coaching on over 2200 nightly data points.

If you or a loved one struggles with sleep or ADHD symptoms EverSleep can help you determine the cause of sleep interruptions and provide valuable insights into sleep disruptions and possible solutions based on your individual data!

Don't wait any longer, get started today - you CAN sleep better, and EverSleep can help.

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