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Physiologist Suggests Monitoring Sleep at Home

"One of the most overlooked and under appreciated causes of disease is sleep apnea"

A new field of medicine has been quietly and quickly evolving - have you heard the term Root Cause Medicine? The resurgence of Naturopathic medicine, functional medicine - also called precision medicine and root cause medicine, marks a shift in the goal of practitioners - rather than simply treating symptoms, they aim to reveal the true cause of dis-ease in the body. In her most recent article titled "Sleep Apnea - The underlying cause of your chronic disease," Colorado-based physiologist Jane Litsey confirms:

"One of the most overlooked and under appreciated causes of disease is sleep apnea."

Sleep Apnea linked to chronic illnesses


In the full post Litsey answers many questions about sleep apnea including:

  • How does sleep apnea lead to high blood pressure?

  • What are the signs of sleep apnea?

  • How do you diagnose sleep apnea?

Litsey emphasizes the value of owning an EverSleep, as "it allows you to track sleep quality over time to make sure lack of oxygen is not a problem." EverSleep continuously monitors dozens of important sleep factors in the comfort of your own home. Then in the morning the EverSleep coaching app analyzes your data and gives you valuable tips and personalized recommendations to optimize your sleep! Understanding the links between sleep disorders like sleep apnea and many common chronic illnesses confirms that the need for better sleep is no longer a luxury.

You CAN sleep better, now EverSleep makes it easy.

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