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Top 3 Reasons Sleep Deprivation is Killing Your Motivation

Sleep QUALITY is one of the key factors in our bodies ability to function and process daily stimuli - but did you know that it also is essential for optimizing your mental performance and ability to stay focused?

There are hundreds of studies linking sleep deprivation to a long list of chronic diseases and the research also shows that there are drastic consequences for mental processes as well. Here are the top 3 reasons why lack of sleep, or poor sleep quality, is keeping you from reaching your goals:


man walks through a field of dense fog

Sleep deprivation causes a symptom often called "Brain Fog" - in this state it becomes difficult to focus on tasks, remember details, and make decisions. Lack of mental clarity and ability to act quickly or effectively can turn even simple daily tasks into frustrating obstacles.


girl sits curled up in a window sill

The mental and physical strain of sleep deprivation can dampen the spirits of even the greatest optimist. The effects of poor quality sleep can manifest as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and depression - leading to plummeting motivation and ability to see the larger picture.


man sits along on a chair with his head in his hand

Excessive tiredness and sleepiness makes it hard to connect with others. When working towards personal or professional goals it is important to maintain positive relationships with others to improve and raise your level of motivation. Teamwork becomes a challenge with sleep deprivation and often general interest in goals is greatly reduced as well.

But there IS HOPE for better sleep!

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You can understand YOUR sleep and learn how to improve the quality of the sleep you are getting!

We believe in chasing BIG dreams and living a life that you absolutely LOVE - If you're ready to take control of your sleep and reach your highest goals don't wait any longer.

Go Ahead,

EverSleep device and mobile app

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