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New Study Confirms Sleep-Disordered Breathing is Associated with Accelerated Aging

An interesting new study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has linked sleep-disordered breathing to age acceleration.

Science Daily | Your source for the latest research new quotes lead author and postdoctoral research fellow Xiaoyu Li


Xiaoyu Li, the lead author and postdoctoral research fellow in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders was quoted in Science Daily, "In our study, we found that more severe sleep-disordered breathing is associated with epigenetic age acceleration. Our data provide biological evidence supporting adverse physiological and health effects of untreated sleep-disordered breathing." HOW TO MONITOR BREATHING INTERRUPTIONS

EverSleep was one of the first consumer devices to incorporate continuous oxygen monitoring into a home sleep tracker. EverSleep measures breathing interruptions and calculates additional metrics including breathing events per hour, high & low oxygen, time under 80%, time below 88%, time spent 80-90%, and time spent between 90-100%. These key metrics are only available with constant monitoring throughout the night. DATA THAT MATTERS

The other fundamental goal of EverSleep design is to give you customized coaching. The third founder, a former sleep clinician, knew to be useful the data needed to be contextualized in a meaningful way. We wanted our device to be not only a powerful monitor but also a tool of empowerment.


There can be so many causes of breathing interruptions but the good news is that sleep-disordered breathing is treatable! In addition to breathing interruptions, EverSleep also coaches you on motion events, fragmented sleep and 5 types of insomnia - giving you the personalized insights you need to improve your sleep!


We believe in our product so much that we are always willing to stand by our manufacturing with a Lifetime Warranty on the device in addition to our 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee!


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Demo Data Included - App must be used with an EverSleep device.

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