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DIY Sleep Optimization

Why am I Tired Every Day? Woman fallen asleep on her desk at work

A full sleep study or even a home sleep test may give you a simple snapshot into your sleep but the reality is that so many factors can influence your sleep that one night of data just isn't enough. Often you need to look at your sleep over time to understand trends, patterns and most importantly track your progress while you test out different coaching tips, solutions or other remedies.

Brian Dipert of Electrical Design News (EDN Network) published his recent experience using EverSleep in conjunction with his CPAP therapy after being diagnosed with sleep apnea by his doctor.

Brian Dipert - June 05, 2019

Opening Quotation Mark

In my previous post, I discussed how my doctor and I discovered I might have sleep apnea (a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep), the multiple testing steps I undertook to confirm the initial suspicion, and the equipment I obtained to alleviate the condition. In reading it, you might have noticed how lengthy and complicated the process from diagnosis to remedy was, as well as how costly it was both to my healthcare insurance provider and myself. If you've taken to heart my "strong encouragement to follow in my footsteps and get your sleep quality checked out if at all in doubt," but you'd like to try testing yourself out first prior to engaging with a medical professional for official analysis, a recent consumer-tailored equipment experience I had may be instructive.

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