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10.10.10 x EverSleep

10 Serial Entrepreneurs x 10 Days x 10 Wicked Problems

10.10.10 Why We Exist

The collaborative thinktank known as 10.10.10 was founded by Colorado CEO Tim Higley in 2015 to solve the most wicked problems of the modern world. Tackling everything from health, food, water, infrastructure, learning, energy, security, waste -- and this year in Denver the topic was Sleep.

Sleep now has to compete against long work hours (average Americans work 44 hours per week), Netflix, poor diet, inactive lifestyle and 24/7 culture that never rests. Yet, more and more CEOs, celebs, and influencers are starting to re-embrace the power of Sleep and its essential role in optimal health & well-being.

10.10.10 is a platform for innovation and brings together the most creative minds across industries. The events include not only Prospective CEOs but also Validators, Problem Advocates, Ninjas, Partners and Sponsors ready to make these dreams a reality.

10.10.10 Prospective CEOs Validators Problem Advocates

10.10.10 Ninjas Partners Sponsors

EverSleep CEO Chris Crowley was selected to be a "Validator" at this year's 10.10.10 event in Denver, CO. As a lifetime entrepreneur and sleep advocate, Crowley's expertise in the sleep tech industry as well as his broader experience as a CEO and unconventional thinker made him a perfect choice. The aim of the event is ultimately to challenge CEOs to create new ventures that have bigger purposes - changing the world.

Crowley has dedicated his career to medical technology and specifically creating EverSleep, a consumer device that not only tracks sleep quality but also uses advanced algorithms to personally coach users to a more restful night's sleep. This technology has the ability to transform lives and gives individuals the power to take back their sleep and improve their quality of life.

See the following clip from the 10.10.10 finale on April 11th inside McNichols Civic Center where CEO Steven Myhill-Jones discusses the epidemic of poor sleep, his personal experience with insomnia and how EverSleep changed his life:

The mission of EverSleep was to bridge the gap between consumers and sleep solutions - and we truly believe that by empowering individuals to improve their health by educating them and giving them access to advanced technology at an affordable price is already changing the world.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey - if there is any way we can help you improve your sleep and enhance the quality of your life please contact us today!

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