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LIVE from Las Vegas | CES 2019

EverSleep featured in Arrow Electronics & Indiegogo #Makers Showcase - Today in Eureka Park, Las Vegas, CES

EverSleep featured in #Makers Showcase - Today in Eureka Park

The BUZZ here is real! We are so excited to be back in Vegas for CES 2019 and featured with our friends at Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo!

Matt Anderson, Chief Digital Officer & President of Arrow Electronics tweeted yesterday:

"Everyone wants to be a part of the global phenomenon of innovation that is happening right now. CES has 4,400 exhibiting companies this year. Companies in Eureka Park have raised more than $1.5 billion in funding since 2012."

We are honored to be part of this journey to the leading edge, a point we believe to be the merging of technology and self-improvement, community and evolution.

Thank you for joining us!

Arrow Electronics "Make It" Showcase in Eureka Park at 2019 Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas

Indiegogo Means Business CES 2019 Display in Las vegas Nevada

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