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EverSleep Showcase at CES 2019 | Las Vegas

#CES Ready | January 8-11 | Las Vegas, Nevada

We are excited to announce EverSleep has been invited back to Las Vegas for CES 2019, the largest Consumer Electronics Show in the world! Wednesday, Jan 9th 2019 EverSleep will be featured at Eureka Park as part of a showcase of innovators and makers with Arrow Electronics, Indiegogo and AT&T.

After EverSleep was awarded a $50K Flash Funding Grant by Arrow and Indiegogo last year we have been amazed by the support and vision of their innovative program. Arrow Certification Program has also been instrumental in our ability to bring EverSleep consumer electronic device to the ever expanding Sleep Tech market with integrity and intelligence.

This year we have made tremendous progress and released our second generation of app software, EverSleep 2 - now featuring data export capability, better bluetooth stability, and interactive graphing overlays.

EverSleep 2 Personal Sleep Tracker and Coaching App
Order now at > EverSleep 2 Personal Sleep Tracker

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