Sleep & Weight Loss

December 27, 2018


"Sleep is like nutrition for the brain" [WebMD]

While you're up worrying about tomorrow's meeting your body is busy initiating a cycle of damage and stress that sets you up for weight gain.


If you are not getting enough quality sleep - giving your brain a chance to fully rest and repair, it is easy to slip into an avalanche of poor choices like that extra shot of espresso, skipping the gym or grabbing food on the go. 


These lapses in judgement are actually linked to a dulling of the frontal lobe when your brain is sleep-deprived! Choosing unhealthy options, eating larger portions and snacking more frequently are all associated with symptoms of an overtired brain. 


Additionally, quality sleep allows the body to regulate production of hormones - including leptin & ghrelin which control appetite. [Mayo Clinic]

Sleep deprivation creates a cycle of fatigue.

Sleep deprivation creates a cycle of fatigue. First, your metabolism slows way down (attempting to conserve resources). Then, your sympathetic nervous system raises cortisol (reverts to survival mode - trying to "hunt for food"). Then, feelings of fatigue lead to reduced activity levels. 


If you are getting enough sleep (7-9 hours) but STILL feel tired - you are probably experiencing Fragmented Sleep. The bad news is that there are many many causes of fragmented sleep - the good news is that EverSleep can help you determine WHAT is disrupting your sleep & HOW to fix it! 


Want to sleep better? EverSleep advanced tracking & coaching app allows you to monitor key sleep factors, get personalized coaching, and track effectiveness of remedies over time. 


Improving your sleep quality CAN reverse metabolic damage and reset your hormone production, giving you a much better chance at successfully losing weight and keeping it off! 

EverSleep can help you determine WHAT is disrupting your sleep & HOW to fix it! 


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