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EverSleep 2 is HERE!

EverSleep 2 app upgraded features and performance - sleep better with EverSleep monitor and personalized sleep coaching

We are excited to announce the new and improved EverSleep 2 app! NEW FEATURES: #1 Most Requested Feature To Date: Data Export is Here! EverSleep app now seamlessly creates a PDF of your nightly data, you can print the charts or even email to your doctor. Nightly summary ranking gives your instant feedback about your night on a gradient scale (red to green) for each sleep factor. New overlaid graphic feature allows you to chart blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, motion events & sleep quality all in one interactive graph - scroll & zoom to see minute by minute data! Better bluetooth stability in Apple and Android for robust connectivity and data storage. Go ahead, choose better sleep today!

Buy the best. Buy EverSleep. BUY NOW

Download the free app upgrade here or view the full APP TOUR 2.0

Download "EverSleep 2" on Apple Store
Get "EverSleep 2" on Google Play

*Data demo included so you can preview app features and coaching examples

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