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Sleep Tech Gets the Royal Treatment

After Prince Harry was spotted wearing a new European sleep tracker, Oura Ring, the internet has been stormed with a new wave of interest in all things sleep tracking.

Prince Harry, wearing an Oura ring, with Meghan Markle | Getty Images

Prince Harry, wearing an Oura ring, with Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While sleep tracking isn't new, sleep tech industry has grown exponentially since becoming popular with Fitbit nearly 10 years ago - but now, products like EverSleep have changed the game entirely.

Miniaturized pulse oximetry technology - used to monitor blood oxygen (SpO2) - allows users to understand way more about what is causing sleep disruptions than the "fitness" style, motion-only trackers. featured the story Why even Prince Harry is wearing a sleep tracker, and made note of EverSleep:

EverSleep 5-in-1 Home Sleep Monitor with mobile app

"So now there’s also the $199.99 EverSleep, a wrist-worn device that connects to a finger sensor, which measures blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, respiratory function and body movement. It raised 224% of its original $40,000 Indiegogo goal in 2017, and also received a $50,000 Arrow Electronics Flash Funding Grant and was named a 2017 National Sleep Foundation SleepTech 2017 Semifinalist."

Developments in sleep technology have evolved along side an increasing interest in understanding the connections between sleep, health and happiness:


“Sleep is having a moment. In the last five years … people began to see sleep as this untapped opportunity to improve performance and quality of life. You had people like Arianna Huffington and Jeff Bezos and Tom Brady beginning to publicize and popularize the notion that sleep, in many ways, was more important to our performance and overall health than even exercise and nutrition.”

~ Mike Kisch, Beddr CEO [excerpt from]


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Go ahead, choose better sleep:

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