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EverSleep gives you peace of mind

Affirmations are more than just wishful thinking, they are a practical tool for training your brain and body. When used regularly, affirmations are known to create lasting changes throughout your brain and entire nervous system.

with a calm mind & grateful heart I welcome a good night's rest

Choose an affirmation and use it daily Affirmations can be used in conjunction with all other sleep remedies and treatments, there are no counter-indications, and no prerequisites! EverSleep gives you peace of mind. Remember, there are hundreds of sleep remedies, but none of them work if you are having breathing interruptions that may be related to sleep apnea. Improve your sleep and enjoy peace of mind with EverSleep advanced coaching.

USER HINT: Tap each coaching tip in the app to see expanded text with more information about sleep disturbances and "Ideas to Help" that are specific to YOUR data!

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Affordable, Accurate, Actionable Sleep Coaching

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