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Status Update and CES Report

We have good news about our shipment schedule, and an exciting update from the Consumer Electronics Show!


We’ve finally beaten the Bluetooth bug discussed in the last update, so our schedule is as follows:

January 30 - Release Gold Master Candidate app software to our beta testers, and begin 2 weeks of intensive testing. We want a minimum of 150 nights of testing across many different types of phones. We will also start continuous production build of units this day.

Feb 15 - Final report from the app testing, final firmware load, final functional test, and final package our first production units.

Feb 20 - App released in iTunes and Play stores. Begin shipping first production units! We’ll stay in contact with our first users to be sure everything is still working correctly.

Feb 28 - If our first shipment goes well, we’ll continue to ship larger and larger batches, in the order from Indiegogo.


We mentioned the Consumer Electronics Show in our last update. We’d been invited by Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics to share booth space, and EverSleep was featured in the Arrow “Project Board” (see photo).

The show is not open to the public, and meant for businesses to connect with other businesses. We met with potential component suppliers, two different groups who provide shipment fulfillment, several other sleep experts, and potential investors. We also competed for a spot on Home Shopping Network! It was a big success from a business standpoint. THANKS to our friends from Arrow and Indiegogo.

Arrow Certification - Featuring EverSleep at CES2018


Because someone asked... Not a single penny of your contributions has gone to salary for the founders, clinicians, or the software team. We are living out of our savings for the last 18 months to bring you EverSleep... That’s how much we believe in the project!

Thanks - The EverSleep Team!

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