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The three founders of EverSleep came together with a common goal…. bring hospital- grade advanced sleep monitoring directly to the consumer.

EverSleep is the only device in the consumer market that measures continuous blood oxygen saturation and the only device with specific coaching for your particular night’s sleep. These are the keys sleep professionals use to detect and differentiate people’s four major sleep problems: snoring, breathing interruptions, short sleeping, and insomnia.

EverSleep Founders, Medical Device Engineers, Sleep Clinician, Entrepreneur

Chris Crowley and David Tobler are medical device engineers with successful careers focused on “pulse oximetry” oxygen monitoring technology. Craig Pickerill is a very successful sleep clinician and entrepreneur, building a chain of sleep laboratories throughout the central US.


The founders realized that “fitness bracelet” sleep monitoring doesn’t tell the user WHY they are sleeping badly. Free “snore” apps only tell you something that you already know, you are snoring! The consumer has to choose between an ineffective $129 bracelet, or an uncomfortable $2000 in-hospital sleep study prescribed by their doctor.

EverSleep prototype, Home Sleep Monitor with oxygen measurements

The key to true clinical sleep lab monitoring is oxygen measurement - used to detect sleep apnea. Sleep apnea a medical description for interrupted breathing during sleep. Your body’s oxygen plummets and your pulse rate increases to compensate for the missing oxygen. These interruptions can be minor, or they can catastrophically “ruin” your sleep for the entire night.


Thus was born EverSleep! With clinical grade oxygen monitoring, pulse rate monitoring, and extremely sensitive motion detection, we differentiate between many types of sleep problems. It’s a simple, comfortable, inexpensive consumer home health device that delivers much of the benefit of a true sleep lab.


But this isn’t the whole story! The measurements mean nothing unless you have someone to interpret them for you. The EverSleep app is loaded with all of our clinical, physiologic, and engineering background related to sleep.

EverSleep App Home Page, Record Sleep, Sleep Data Results, Sleep Trends, Sleep Profie, Sleep App
EverSleep App, Sleep Profie, Sleep Treatments, Sleep Medications, Sleep Therapy

Just like seeing a specialist sleep physician, we ask you the same health history profile questions and the same nightly sleep factor questions. Then our analysis engine correlates your answers to over 40 measurements aggregated from your second-by-second oxygen, pulse, and movement data, and gives you specific coaching based on your sleep that night.


For example, you may have insomnia. Did you know there are several different types of insomnia? Falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking too early are all problems, but they may or may not be linked to sleep apnea! If you wake in the middle of the night, our algorithms recognize that, AND recognize that in the 4 minutes prior you had several breathing interruptions. We then correlate to your nightly survey answer that you had allergies today. So, the allergies caused the breathing interruption, which caused the insomnia! We then give you specific coaching about allergy remedies to try the following night.


EverSleep is like having a sleep lab in your own comfortable bed, with a sleep physician at your side every morning to interpret your results and give you tips to try

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